29/01/2012 - Installed FlippingBook and upgraded site to Joomla 1.7 with new Siteground template




07/12/2010 - Added Eve photos and Pitsford Frost photos
16/11/2010 - Server finally back up and running after complete rebuild. Hopefully crashing issue finally resolved. Now running Ubuntu Server 10.10 x64.
16/10/2010 - Added Villamoura photos.
06/10/2010 - Updated server from Ubuntu Intrepid to Jaunty. 8.10 to 9.04.  Next upgrade will be before October 2010 when Jaunty support expires.



2008 / 2009

06/10/2009 - Removed smokeping link, as smokeping now available within Cacti.
29/09/2009 - Added stag photos.
25/09/2009 - Domain name has now been migrated from 1and1 to 123-reg.
10/09/2009 - Kplaylist now installed. Also phpcoin installed for hosting billing, but im not sure its going to work with paypal.
13/06/2009 - Attempted to configure horde3, but have given up for now. Awstats config finished. Only available for logged in users.
07/06/2009 - New photos added from Whitby and Pitsford. Also spam filters upgraded within exim.
08/05/2009 - Photos taken on new Nikon D90 at Stoke Bruerne.
05/05/2009 - RAID5 guide updated. Took a lot longer than it should have as half was lost due to edit timeout. Timeout now increased to 3 hours.
04/05/2009 - New template added. Also new blog tried (mamblog), but wasn't adequate repalcement for current news layout.
13/04/2009 - Apologies, as site was down Friday 10th April to Monday 13th April due to a router fault.
08/03/2009 - SmokePing and Cacti Links added to MainMenu.
19/01/2009 - Site moved to new server and security registration form added.
20/11/2008 - Added Visitor counter.
19/11/2008 - Added Egypt photos.
10/11/2008 - Fireboard forum now in use on NMM site.
10/11/2008 - No need for forum on this site.  Removed.
31/10/2008 - HAPPY HALLOWEEN - Config error rectified on email system. Virus and Spam were disabled causing some mails to be rejected over the last 2 weeks.
07/10/2008 - Migrated server to Debian. Site and Email system have been offline for the last 48hrs.  Sorry for any inconvenience.
01/10/2008 - Pool team came 3rd in league 4 and have been promoted to league 3.
04/09/2008 - Updated pool results and members. Beat Millwheel Ladies 10-0.
04/09/2008 - Added Aberystwyth photos to Gallery.
25/08/2008 - Gmail phpmailer now in use for site registrations.
01/07/2008 - Pool Scores updated and Ian added to players list.
09/06/2008 - Beat King David B team 9-1. :) Scores updated.
08/06/2008 - Added Skydive and Glacier photos to the favourites gallery.
08/06/2008 - Added Isola, Chamrousse and India photos to the gallery.
07/06/2008 - Ordered 2004 galleries, creating sub albums within the oz and nz folders.
07/06/2008 - Added Gallery Favourites, a flash built gallery of my favourite albums.
03/06/2008 - Draw with WheatsheafB - Results page not yet updated.
20/05/2008 - Beat Serenity 7-3 - Results page updated.
13/05/2008 - Corrected mistake in pool results.
13/05/2008 - Changed News format to tables as spanning bullets in html was slowing down the front page.
12/05/2008 - Updated Pool Results.  Beat the Golden Horse 6-4.
05/05/2008 - Freebsd guide added, with exim/dovecot/portupgrade help too. 
29/04/2008 - Site now available without the www.  http://richardbignell.co.uk
10/04/2008 - Have been hosting Northamptonmorrismen.co.uk for a few months now.  Major updates made this week.
06/04/2008 - Gave up on blog modules as none seem to have the functionality i'm looking for.
06/04/2008 - Installed mojoBlog, but replaced it with Jooblog due to the lack of frontend editor.
06/04/2008 - Removed Expose Flash Gallery due to compatibility issues with firefox/linux, and inability to use exisiting photo folders.
05/04/2008 - Added a Flash Gallery for photo albums and videos. Have only uploaded sample content.
29/03/2008 - Changed default template to a siteground theme due to firefox compatibility. Previous theme still available via newly added Template Chooser.
29/03/2008 - Modified template to make weblinks more userfriendly. 
29/03/2008 - Added link to guestftp. Access for registered users ONLY. 
28/03/2008 - Added new forum - Fireboard 1.0.4.
21/03/2008 - Added China photos.
21/03/2008 - Fixed Community Builder Admin Approval when registering for this site. Previously any user could register without approval.
17/02/2008 - Added all Australia photos and grouped them together.
17/02/2008 - Removed streaming videos section, BSD guide section and Private Upload folder. Private Upload folder was inefficient compared with using ftpspace.
17/02/2008 - Reverted frontpage back to non-static content due to editting issues.
17/02/2008 - Come back soon to see NZ photos from 2004.
01/02/2008 - Added snowboarding photos from Nendaz to Gallery.