Hi, welcome to Vipesites. Hi, my name is Richard Bignell.  After working at various different ISPs over the last 10 years i thought i'd build my own server and try some web design and hosting in my spare time.

I can offer custom packages that are a lot more personal.  Developed to suit your needs, I can either use Joomla or Wordpress to provide clean, contemporary and easy to use website.  If you want to have more control you can even have access to the Joomla or Wordpress admin console to make updates or changes to your own site.

Point your DNS at my server or let me set up a DNS name for you.  You can even have an email address @yourdomain with webmail access provided by roundcube.  If you are more familiar with gmail (Google Apps) you can pay extra for a google apps domain with your own domain available via gmail.

Step 1 - Contact Us

As each site is customised to an individual I ask that you email with a brief outline of the sort of website you're looking for.  I can then put a quote together and can sometimes get your whole site including domain name, email and website all up and running in a few hours!  The quote will include the initial set up cost based on the time to build the initial site and and ongoing yearly renewal.  This is a hobby for me and not a business so the ongoing cost is just to keep the server on 24/7 and including any maintenance needed.

Step 2 - Take a look at our existing websites

You can see what we have done in the past to see if there's anything you want us to add to your website.  A gallery or a forum maybe?

Step 3 - Relax

Let us set up the website and email addresses for you while you relax.  Any questions just ask.

Client Testimonial

From day one I have never regretted choosing such a great service - 5 star quality with everything.

- Alex Aldridge - www.alexultradish.co.uk